Are There Germs On My BBQ and Can I Kill Them By Cleaning It?

Germs come in many forms and get everywhere – including your BBQ. They have the capability to kill you – so you must kill them first.

To answer these questions today, we are going to have to take a little look into what germs are, and how they have the potential to hurt us. We’ll explore the four main types of germs, how they travel and what they eat.
Once we know what these nasty little beggars are, we can start exploring how they get onto your BBQ when you least expect and how you can kill them, before they get a chance to take your body for a ride down Sicksville Avenue.


The shady world of germs is one fraught with hazards and risks: it also happens to be a world that we traverse on a daily basis.

That’s right, germs are absolutely everywhere. They’re on your face, on your food and inside your belly. Perhaps the most worrying thing about them is that most of them are completely invisible to the naked eye – so how can we possibly stop them?

Germs can be found everywhere, as we’ve discussed, but they can work in wildly different ways, depending what type they are. Each type lives, eats and breeds a little differently, having a different effect on the body, plant or animal that they happen to be inhabiting at any one time.

There are four main types:


The most commonly known of all the germs – these little creatures are made up of a single cell and get their food from the environments that they reside in – whether that’s plants, animals or even people!


 They have the ability of being able to reproduce at a rapid rate and can cause problems such as tooth cavities, pneumonia and sore throats. You can get some good bacteria in your belly, and health food drinks, but you won’t find those guys on your BBQ!


Viruses can only reproduce when they are inside another living cell – yuck!


 Because they can’t live for very long outside a living being (called a host) they have developed many ingenious ways of being able to travel. Moving around in your saliva, they can escape whilst you breathe or even travel at high-speed when you sneeze. They’re the culprits behind the nasty colds and flus that people get during the winter months.


These guys are a little more fun and, at the very least, a little easier to spot.


 Made of many cells, they are the only form of germ that is visible to the naked eye. They’re often mistaken for plants, however they’re very different in makeup. Unlike plants, fungi can’t make their own food from sunshine and water. Just like viruses, they need to take their food from other living organisms. Most of the time, they’re not dangerous to us, but they can cause icky problems like athlete’s foot. Blech!


Diseases caused by protozoa are often the most damaging to people, what’s more they’re incredibly infectious, due to the fact that they can live quite happily in water.


 That’s why in many poor countries, that can’t afford clean water, thousands of people can die of illnesses like diarrhoea and dysentery. These germs can cause nasty belly ache and other intestinal issues, all things which you’d like to avoid getting on to your BBQ, I’m sure.

“How can I clean these germs off my BBQ then?”

During the heat of the summer it’s really important that you keep your BBQ clean and sanitary.

Even though, when you’ve got the coals burning as hot as can be, you’ll be killing most of them – you can’t guarantee that some of them haven’t jumped on board your food, ready for a little trip into your belly.

After you use your BBQ (and it’s cooled down sufficiently) make sure that you tip out the coals, rinse it down and give it a really good scrub. You’ll also need to take the sticky grill off, soak it and scrub every last bit of grease off it – this will be trapping all the germs.

All this is easy enough to do if you’ve got a little BBQ, but if you’ve got a big American-style job, then it might be better to hire a cleaning business franchise to do the hard work for you. A trained professional can come out and clean your grill for you, whilst you wait.

It’s good to get a deep clean done at least once a year, so that you can guarantee that you’re not feeding your guests germ infested meat.

Don’t poison your friends, clean your BBQ!