Our Aim

Learning about Science should always be fun!

Our writers here at Funergy have spent years working in the highly competitive world of Science – as such they’re more than due for a little fun. This is their outlet for humour and adventure…


Taking time out of their busy schedules to write fun and informative Science-based articles, that should be suitable for all ages, our writers are based all around the world:

Raj Twofold

A hard working Plant-based Chemist, and Father of three, Raj received his BSc in the early 90s. Leaving his home town of Kerala at the tender age of 17, in search of better prospects overseas, Raj struggled with picking up English – spending his late-teens and twenties in the Northern city of Birmingham.


His breakthrough came when he found his first job as a bartender in a local pub. Suddenly surrounded by dozens of English conversations, and being forced to engage in vocational dialogue, Raj learnt the language through fun, interesting activity – something he attempts to replicate in his writing here at Funergy.

Janet Lesterface

A Chemical¬†Engineer by trade, Janet’s career defining experience as a Pharmaceutical Representative has given her a unique insight into the way that Big Pharma companies stagger the release of drugs into the World’s biological ecosystem.


Although she enjoyed many years promoting drugs and engineering systems to large scale companies and small government bodies, the aggressive capitalist nature of the business led her to take an early environment – so that she could focus on spreading the joy and fun of science, to encourage new, less cynical scientists to become the Pharma Reps of tomorrow.

Harold Boltinjacket

Although Harold spent many years illicitly hunting wild birds off the coast of his native Finland – as a young boy – this fascination for catching the rarest of animals soon turned into a genuine interest and passion for preserving these creatures and others of a similar ilk.


Studying Animal Biology and Conservation at the University of Helsinki, Harold was bitten with the travel bug after graduating. Spurred on by the promise of seeing a wider variety of birds – he travelled to the far flung reaches of Africa and South America in pursuit of the rarest species of birds – in order to catalogue and record them for a children’s book. He’s yet to complete his book, but he still has plenty of time to write here!

Steve Gibson

Steve has never left the United Kingdom. A devout Englishman through and through he spends his winters encased within his library, studying and researching the plant life that grows throughout the UK. Come the Summer time, he loads up his VW Camper Van with some basic survival gear and sets out on a cross-county journey to find and collect all the specimens that he has studied.


His love of plant-life also extends to the indigenous creatures of England. Having a particular fondness for hedgehogs – Steve’s efforts to educate and inform British people of the plight of these creatures keeps him busy throughout the year.